Rustic Ridge is a small, locally owned supper club - located in the town of Pulaski approximately 15 miles Northwest of Green Bay, WI.

We opened for business during the Pulaski Polka days weekend in 2013, after working hard to upgrade the exterior and interior of this long established bar/restaurant in our wonderful little town.

After the official Pulaski News Article, there were many people anxious to see what we were going to do with the place. It had been the site of many different bars over the years, so there was a lot of curiosity and hype as we were adding the rustic details and upgrades.

Now that it's open, everyone can finally see what we were "up to" for so long over the winter of 2012...

We are located right off the Mountain Bay bike trail, so can provide a nice rest stop for people riding out from Green Bay or other places connected to the trail.

Also, we are within stumbling distance of the polka grounds, so if you want to walk over and get out of the heat, we can provide a nice break from your hard day of dancing.

We hope that you love spending time in our rustic retreat, and enjoy our weekly specials - as they provide a different atmosphere and menu than any of the other eateries in Pulaski.

Thank you so much,

Randy and Jen Olson,